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bo nielsen

Self-taught travel and landscape photographer. He has traveled and photographed in many parts of the world.


Has a weakness for photographing in the dark hours of the day, and "catching" people on the streets in the light ..

Have a passion for analogy photography - especially Polaroid - love the fact that you don’t have full control of the outcome.

 In the digital world you are a 100% in control of the outcome, but when entering the analog world, you must share that control with the film and camera you chose to use.  And I think that's really cool. It can provide some defects that you wouldn't have thought of add yourself. and that can create a very unique photo.


 Are always looking for new opportunities in the postprocessing of his photos. So when he tire of a way of doing things, he then “shakes the bag” so a new working method, may come to life.

 Always have some sort of light catcher device - which he draws faster than his shadow - with him.

Contact: +45 3526 0503


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