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14-Day Cancellation Policy:


You have a 14-day cancellation right when you order a product from Photographer’s Lab. The period runs from the day the agreement was concluded. If you want to get your item delivered before the deadline expires, you give your consent to the delivery started, and that the deadline will stop when the service is fully supplied.


When you order online, you must either wait 14 days to have it delivered – when the cancellation period has expired - or you can give your express consent that the Photographer’s Lab can begin to start producing your order, and the cancellation period ends when the goods are delivered.


In practice, this means that your cancellation period only ends when the service has been completed. You retain all your rights while the work or supply lasts.


If you do change your mind:

If you have given your consent for the work or delivery to begin, but you want to use your cancellation right, you should be aware that Photographer’s Lab may charge a reasonable fee for the work already produced for the processing.


In this situation, Photographer’s Lab will only charge for the proportion of the order that is done, if you have been advised of your right of cancellation and that you are obliged to pay if you cancel during the production of your order.


What is a consent:

This is the explicit consent. This means that you must choose to give consent. So it must not be, for example, a pre-ticked box on the website or part of the delivery terms.


If you have not given your consent:

If Photographer’s Lab starts to produce your order before the cancellation period has expired, and you have not given your express consent, Photographer’s Lab cannot charge payment for the work already produced for the processing, if you choose to use this right.


Especially for digital content:

If you order digital content which is not supplied on a tangible medium, you also give your consent if you want the material delivered before the cancellation period. You must have a copy of your express consent and you lose your right as soon as the performance begins.


You are only responsible for any decrease in the value of goods if, after inspecting their condition, properties, and functionality, the decrease in value can be traced back to your improper handling of the goods.


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