Henrik Madsen

Groundhog Day

Henrik Madsen

About the work


"Groundhog Day" The living Sea.  Photographer Henrik Madsen presents the infinite deep blue sea in a series of intense, present photographs that capture the many moods of the ocean. The series is called Groundhog Day. A new day threatens.

These timeless photographs show the natural power of the elements.

As a representative of civilization, I observe the photographs and come almost in a meditative state.


 "The power of the sea is cleaning us clean with the breaking waves"


These intoxicating photographs of the sea were photographed on the Greek island of Paros; the open sea has always had a magical effect on humans, a great place to reflect on life. The sea has a magical effect. Henrik Madsen captures this fascination in remarkable, violent photographs. We get caught in the blue water and the always moving sea. Eternity and freedom.


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