Thomas P. Pedersen

The Mystery man

Thomas P. Pedersen

Thomas Pedersen Pixel is a visual artist who focuses on photography, photo manipulation and installations.

He works in Europe primarily and his photography is dramatic, cinematic and timeless. They illustrate the often surreal events. His photographs are elaborately staged and he uses often natural light mixed with artificial light from the flash and tungsten lamps.

The European debt crisis and especially the Greek depression, has influenced his style and given him inspiration for his characters. His work is inspired by iconic painters like Edward Hopper, and there are also elements of surrealism as we know it from Rene´ Magritte.

Thomas Pixel Pedersen has exhibited in many countries:

Germany, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. He has won several international awards and his photographs have been publicized in several photographic books. His photograph '' The Goal Keeper '' was displayed in The Copenhagen Photo Festival in 2015. '' The Goal Keeper '' is part of his latest series ''The Mystery man ''

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